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Springbrook site - February 2017 - Lots 1 through 460 (of 597 total) -- Click HERE

Springbrook site - February 2017 -- Lots 461 through 597 (done) -- Click HERE





Springbrook site -- First set of pics, taken 9/20/16 -- 855 pictures -- Lots 1 through 257 -- Click HERE


*I somehow missed lot 222.  Will include on next batch.

*Lot 235 and 236 are AFTER lot 237 in the picture sequence

*Include a note on lot #115 about it including only the clear glass


Springbrook site -- Second set of pics, taken 9/21/16 -- 547 pictures -- Lots 258 through 442 (and 222) -- Click HERE


*Lot 222 is at the beginning of this batch. 

*After 363, you will find additional pics of lot 333 that I missed at first.

*Lot 425 -- I'm not sure if the boxed stuff (cuckoo clock) goes with the dome clock or not, but there are two pics you can choose from. 

* Lots 386 and 387 got skipped accidentally; they are located between Lot 435 and lot 436.


Fairground site -- First set of pics, taken 10/5/2016 -- 1056 pictures -- Lots 1 through 252 -- Click HERE


*After lot 217, there is an extra picture of Lot 213 (small camo recliner/chair) that should be included with lot 213 to show that it is a recliner.  I didn't realize it reclined until I had gone a few lots beyond it.

Fairground site -- Second set of pics, taken 10/6/2016 -- 992 pictures -- Lots 253 through 463 -- Click HERE


*Lot 394:  Not sure if the two flower arrangements on the coffee table belong with this lot or not.

*Lot 402: Bonnie is providing the pictures for this lot.

*Lot 408: Missing one vacuum.  There should be 3 vacuums but I don't think Bonnie was able to get the 3rd vacuum on time for me to photograph it.

Springbrook site -- First set of pics, taken 11/18/16 -- 1068 pictures -- Lots 1-250 and 464-469 -- Click HERE


*Lots 464-469 are provided up-front and out-of-sequence due to them being outside and potentially gathering snow.

Springbrook site -- Second set of pics, taken 11/19/16 -- 1216 pictures -- Lots 251 - 500 (excluding 312 and 464-469) -- Click HERE


*Lot 312 is missing.  I could not find it.  I am waiting on Bonnie to get back to me, and I will hopefully photograph it on my next visit to finish up.

Springbrook site -- Third set of pics, taken 11/21/16 -- 549 pictures -- Lots 501-595 and 312 (at end) -- Click HERE


*Pictures of lot 312 are at the end of this set.   This is the last of the items at the auction house in Springbrook.  Tomorrow I'll be photographing the Sr. Center items which will be included in this auction, if I understand things correctly.

Senior Center Items -- taken 11/22/16 -- 107 pictures -- Lots 1-17 -- Click HERE

1) Stove
2) Coffee Maker
3) Potato Peeler

4) Walk-in Freezer
5) Stove
6) Coffee Maker
7) Indoor chest freezer

8) Walk-in freezer
9) Stove
10) Oven
11) Fridge
12) Coffee maker

13) Walk-in Freezer
14) Stainless Fridge
15) Coffee maker
16) Chest Freezer
17) White fridge