Keenai Photography by Bryan Neuswanger | Canvas Information


Canvas Wraps

       Canvas wraps are a beautiful way to showcase your favorite shots in a classy 3-dimensional way.  They are produced by printing the image onto a canvas which is then stretched over a wooden frame and stapled to the back.  Variables affecting the overall quality of the product include the inks, type of canvas, printer quality, canvas tightness, and backings.

       Like anything else in today's market, canvas wrap producers cover the entire spectrum of quality.  The recent boost in popularity of canvas wraps as artistic enhancements to home decor has prompted the formation of literally dozens of labs specializing in canvas wraps.  And like anything else in today's market, you get what you pay for.  I've done the research and ordered test prints from multiple labs in order to inspect their craftsmanship.  MPixPro lab makes beautiful wraps, well worth the price, and that is what I offer through my site.